5 Essential Tricks for Traveling With Kids

Family vacations are a wonderful way to connect with your loved ones and make memories, but they can be a lot of work! Planning for them, executing them and ensuring everyone is safe and having fun along the way can be taxing for any parent.

Traveling with kids can be frustrating, but there are things you can do to make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved. Check out the top five recommendations we suggest to make your next trip a breeze!

1. Bring Out Surprise Toys

There is nothing worse than being in the middle of your flight or a few hours into your car ride only to hear the phrase “I’m bored.” Having bored kids can mean arguments break out or mischievous activities can begin.

Packing new or surprise toys can keep your kids excited or engaged the entire way! Pull out new toys at each stop or drop hints along the way of what the toy will be to keep them looking forward to what is coming next.

2. Prep Snacks Ahead of Time

Kids love to snack, and they especially love to snack while traveling. This tip is helpful for those kiddos who love to eat but want to mix up their choices.

Prepping snacks before you even get in the car can make it so much easier, and it can even help you save money by avoiding those costly gas station aisles. Cut up fruits and veggies and put them into containers, divide up portions of crackers or chips into baggies, and label them all for your kids. A little independence can go a long way on extended trips.

3. Adjust Your Expectations

We all know that it can get easy to get carried away with planning and prepping for family vacations, but too much structure can lead to stress, arguments or high expectations that are bound to fall short.

Bringing kids along on a vacation can be stressful, but knowing that things will go wrong or plans will have to change can help you keep things in perspective. Keep it light to keep it fun!

4. Let Your Kids Plan a Full Day

Depending on where you are headed, the trip may not seem all that fun to your kids before you get there. Let them choose all of the activities for one day to help get them excited about the trip ahead.

Research the different food and entertainment options and let them pick what they want to do from the first meal of the day to the last activity at night.

5. Keep Your Trip Family-Oriented

Family vacations are all about making memories and strengthening family bonds, right? So, of course you should keep it fun and family-oriented! Take those pictures, eat those sweet treats and have as much fun with your kids as possible.

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