Essential Packing Tips for a Winter Vacation at Estes Park

The Colorado area and Estes Park are beautiful in the winter season, but the weather can be unpredictable! While you are busy planning out what you want to see and do, be sure you are putting some conscious thought into what you are packing into your bags.

Packing appropriately can ensure your comfort, safety and warmth while you are out exploring our wonderful community. Check out some of our tips below before you zip up your bags for good.

The Warm Stuff

Packing warm clothes is of course a necessity! Even mild days will have chilly nights, with most of the nights throughout the winter season dropping below freezing. Puffy jackets or winter jackets with removable liners are great additions to any suitcase, as well as layers.

Dressing in light, breathable layers allows your body to maintain your body temperature more efficiently. You are also able to add or remove layers more easily as needed. Light shirts, long underwear or fleece-lined leggings, and extra thick socks should be packed in your suitcase next. Don’t forget hats, mittens and gloves! Depending on the forecast, you might not need them, but you should certainly always have them just in case.

The Right Gear

If you are coming to the Estes Park area for some hiking and beautiful mountain views, you are in the right place! This community turns into a winter wonderland at this time of year, and the views can be breathtaking on the trails. Consider packing spikes and waterproof hiking boots so you can navigate icy hills or passes with more confidence.

Another essential packing item is a reusable and insulated water bottle. Due to our elevation, getting dehydrated can happen really fast and it can make any altitude sickness even worse. Be sure your bottle can withstand the elements without freezing while you are out and about, and keep it clipped to your bag or in your backpack at all times.

Your Sense of Adventure

Heading to a cold and snowy place for your vacation may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure is ours! It is the perfect time to try something you have never done before, like snowshoeing, ice skating, ice fishing or even taking an evening walk through the downtown area.

Don’t forget to include the Mustang Mountain Coaster in your winter vacation plans! Our coaster is open year-round. Check out our website to discover the days and times that work best for your family—and we will see you on the mountain.

The Mustang Mountain Coaster is for every season. Check out our website to learn more about this unforgettable experience.

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