Our Journey To The Top

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Memorial weekend get ready to take the journey to the top of the world on the Mustang Mountain Coaster.  Our journey to get you there will pale in comparison to the thrill you will have when you release the brake and fly down the mountainside.  Follow Us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/MustangMountainCoaster) as we give you updates and photos on the journey to opening day. 


We had to Cowboy Up to get this far and now it's time to make sure this experience is truly worthy of the Cowboy Lifestyle that built the West.


If you have ridden horses at Sombrero Stables in Estes Park, you know right where Mustang Mountain Coaster is located. We share their beautiful Rocky Mountainside ranchland and are their neighbor. During a 2-hour ride last summer at Sombrero Stables you would have seen Mustang Mountain Coaster being built.


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Meet The Team

Cody Walker


Gregg Hecker

Director of Operations

Ed Glavin

Project Manager

Our Partners

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Coal Creek Excavation

Professional, young, talented and people that get the job done.  All reasons Coal Creek was brought on board by the Mustang team

Sombrero Stables

Sombrero Stables has been bringing the Western culture to life in Colorado since 1958. We are proud to work in conjunction with this historic business.

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