Top 5 Fall Activities That Are a Must in Estes Park

There is just something special about the fall season in the Estes Park area. The incredible views, explosion of color and crispness to the air make this part of Colorado a necessary destination during this time of year.

Use this guide to help make your plans for your fall trip so you can get the most out of your family vacation and enjoy all the sights and sounds of a classic fall in our community.

  1. Take a Trolley Ride

The Rocky Mountain National Park is expansive and gorgeous, so what better way to enjoy the sights and changing colors than sitting back and relaxing in a classic 1920s era trolley? The trolley tour will take you through the park and show you all the different sights, and you may even see a moose or other wildlife.

A guided tour is a great option for anyone in your party who may have trouble hiking or walking for long periods of time.

  1. Take a Guided Wildlife Tour

This time of year is perfect for seeing all kinds of wildlife in action, but especially for elk. What’s known as the elk rut starts to happen, where the velvet is lost on elk antlers and they begin sparring with other bulls to find a mate.

This is an unforgettable thing to witness that can be made easier by taking a guided tour through the park to find the elk.

  1. Check Out the Festivals

The fall season also means festival season here in the Estes Park area. Every weekend there is something fun to do and an experience to be had.

There is something for everyone, including fine arts and crafts, an autumn festival, and even a Scottish culture celebration!

  1. Catch a Fish

Fly fishing is a staple in the Estes Park community. It is truly an art form, and it is one of the most relaxing ways to fish while being fully immersed in nature.

The sun won’t be as strong at this time of year so you can spend more time outside in the elements without worrying about getting too hot or sunburned.

  1. Ride the Mustang Mountain Coaster

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a ride on our coaster! Our alpine coaster is a thrill ride of fun and sights that brings you right through the forest and past spectacular views.

What sounds better than feeling the crisp autumn air on your face while you take in the explosively bright yellow aspens and other colors of the season? All riders must be three years or older and at least 38 inches tall.

Are you headed to Estes Park for the fall season? Don’t forget to get your Mustang Mountain Coaster passes so you are ready for the adventure ahead.

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