Estes Park
Mountain Coaster

Saddle up for an Exciting Alpine Coaster!

Whether you're a Colorado resident seeking the excitement of a mountain coaster ride or you're looking for a great time when you visit Estes Park, you can be sure that the Mustang Mountain Coaster will get your heart pounding with excitement.

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The Mustang Mountain Coaster is an epic experience you won't want to miss!
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Rocky Mountain Adventures

 Hello adventure seekers! Gear up for your next thrill at the Mustang mountain coaster. The coaster is the newest and most adventurous way to experience the splendor of Estes Park, Colorado. 

Grip the handles tightly as you race through the ponderosa pines and feel the rocky mountain wind rush past you as you traverse down the mountainside.

Be sure to invite all your friends because the Mustang Mountain Coaster is the perfect adventure for nearly all ages! Whether an old steed whose seen the trails, or a young buck itching to leave the corral, the coaster delivers unparalleled fun from start to finish! iv. So, pull on your boots and strap on your spurs to ride the most spirited Mustang on this side of the divide! Your saddle awaits!

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