About the Newest Mountain Coaster In Estes!

The Mustang Mountain Coaster, the freshest alpine coaster in all of Colorado, stands as a proud creation of the Walker family. They envisioned a way to open their historic ranch to the public, safeguard the land, and adapt to changing economic times. For over six decades, the ranch offered horse and wagon tours, but the demand for outdoor adventures inspired the Walkers to diversify. They faced pressure to develop condos but remained steadfast in their commitment to preserving the land. The result was a thrilling, horseless "trail ride" known as the Mustang Mountain Coaster.

The journey to bring this adventure to life was akin to a roller coaster ride. The Walkers navigated the ups and downs, always steering with determination, and now, they proudly offer the public a heart-pounding journey through Sombrero Ranch on the one and only Mustang Mountain Coaster.

Fasten your seatbelt, we're in for an exciting time.
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