The Mustang Mountain Coaster Experience! The Newest Alpine Coaster in Colorado

Established in 2020

The Mustang Mountain Coaster came to life as a way the Walker family could share the ranch with the visiting public in a new, fun, and more modern way while saving the ranch, keeping the land in the family, and help with the changing economics of ranching. It is the newest alpine coaster in Colorado! It’s the only alpine coaster that is near Denver, near Ft. Collins, and near Boulder.

“Since 1959 guests have taken horses and wagons on tours of our historic ranch. Much has changed in Colorado. The public’s love to do things in the great outdoors, and the relentless demand and financial gain to put up yet more condos, put me to the task to find a way for my kids to “always have to work but never be out of a job.” The resources included breathtaking views, western hospitality, and a family committed to fun.

I wanted a way to share the ranch with people that don’t want to or can’t ride a horse. I needed to give the next generation of my family a way to keep the land from becoming yet more homes. Many unsavory characters demanded that it be used to build more homes or condos but the Walker family persevered and developed what is, in reality, a “horseless trail ride.” A wild thrilling fast trail ride but still a horseless trail ride.

The path to building this amazing activity was what can only be called a “roller coaster” ride in itself. The fight to defend property rights in Colorado has never been easy, but the Walkers stuck to the truth, believed in their rights, took everything with grace, and never gave up. Many have reached out and said how inspiring this journey has been. 

We enjoyed the ups, smiled through the downs, kept a steady hand on the brake and our eyes focused forward and brought the public this thrilling, trip through Sombrero ranch, called the Mustang Mountain Coaster, the newest alpine coaster in Colorado!

We look forward to you enjoying “The Experience”!

Cody Rex Walker


Share our beautiful family mountain ranch experience in a new and exhilarating way


Create one of the most exciting and spectacular alpine coaster experiences in Colorado and America