Benefits of Vacationing in the Mountains

Mustang Mountain Coaster is located in scenic Estes Park, Colorado. Sure, the mountains are a beautiful perk of spending time in these parts.

But did you know there are other benefits to vacationing in the mountains?

Getting Back to Nature
The health benefits of spending time in the mountains are likely due to the fresh air and altitude.

Fresh air, which is free of common pollutants, helps allergy sufferers breathe better. Those with asthma also experience a better sense of health, since fresh air promotes respiratory health.

The Tranquility
Finding peace can be a challenge in daily life. Between busy schedules and a to-do list longer than you'd like it to be, stress is a common experience.

Turns out, that relieving stress is an important part of our overall health. Chronic stress can become a cycle that influences not only your emotional health but physical health, as well.

During bouts of high stress, your body remains in a “fight or flight” state and you can experience headaches, sleep issues, and fatigue.

Thankfully, the mountains offer a feeling of peace and tranquility. Even if it is just for a vacation, spending time surrounded by beautiful scenery can leave you feeling more calm and more relaxed.

Visiting the Mountains Is an Experience
Whatever time of the year you decide to visit the mountains of Colorado, it is going to be an experience! Whether you are blown away by the sheer beauty and size of the mountains or decide on a fun attraction, you'll leave with memories that you'll remember forever.

There is so much to do in the mountains that you'll never be bored! In fact, you'll probably have to come back for another vacation to do more fun things that you were unable to fit into a single trip.

It's Great for Family Time
When was the last time your family put their cell phones down and had a meaningful conversation? Unfortunately, that doesn't happen very often in modern society.

The mountains are a great place to spend time together, in nature, away from electronics. Snap a few photos here and there to remember your trip, then enjoy each other without the distractions of social media and cell phones.

Call us biased, but we believe the mountains are a great place to vacation and call home. With all of these benefits of spending time in the mountains in Estes Park, have you decided where you’re going to spend your next vacation?

When you decide to visit us at Mustang Mountain Coaster, check out our website to learn more about our coaster pass options!

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