Fun Facts About Colorado: Q&A Edition-A Vacation Primer

If you are planning a family trip to Colorado, everyone is probably extremely excited to pay us a visit! Colorado is a beautiful state, and it is also a very interesting one, too. From tall mountains to expansive valleys and every type of scenery in between, we have plenty to offer and learn about our great state!

Whether you want a fun game to play on your road trip here or are just looking for a fun activity as a family to maximize the excitement, this Colorado Q&A can serve as a great way to fill your time and teach you something new about our state.

Colorado Fun Fact Q&A

Q: Why is Denver called the Mile High City? A: Denver is called the Mile High City because its elevation is 5,280 feet, so it is exactly a mile above sea level.

Q: Why is Colorado’s State Capitol Building red? The Colorado State Capitol building is made from a unique type of marble known as “Beulah red.” All of the known Beulah red marble in the world went into the Capitol building, so it could never be replaced.

Q: What is unique about Colorado’s southwest border? A: Colorado’s southwest border meets Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, making it the only place in America where the corner of four states come together.

Q: What is the longest street in Colorado? A: Colfax Avenue, which runs through downtown Denver, is the longest continuous street in Colorado and in the entire United States!

Q: What is Colorado’s state animal? The state animal of Colorado is the Big Horn Sheep, which you will often see roaming around if you visit one of the state’s many scenic parks.

Q: Has anything been invented in Colorado? Many things have, but one of the most notable is the cheeseburger! It was invented in 1935 in the city of Denver.

Q: Is all of Colorado at a high altitude? Though some of Colorado is not at a high altitude, the state does have 75% of the land in the United States which is at an altitude of over 10,000 feet.

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