Looking For Fun Things To Do in Estes Park, Colorado?

You are visiting Estes Park soon. Welcome! We're excited you're coming. We'd like to help you find some fun things to do in Estes Park.

As you plan your trip, allow us to suggest a few fun family-friendly adventures in the area that you are sure to enjoy. Some of these will be open seasonally, while some you can enjoy all year round.

Discover These Fun Things To Do In Estes Park!

Sombrero Stables

Since 1958 Sombrero Stables has been offering trail rides in the Estes Park area. While much has changed since 1958, you can still experience the Rockies just like the first settlers did with these beautiful horseback tours. From their short thirty-minute walking tours to their longer two-hour tours that feature views of Big Thompson Canyon, the Continental Divide, and Estes Valley there are options for everyone even if you are short on time.

Backbone Adventures

We can't say for certain, but you might want to start these rousing, off-road adventures with your back in good condition. Backbone Adventures is a rental company specializing in the rowdiest of rides, from ATVs to snowmobiles. You can rent the ride of your choice, then spend the day on a recommended trail, guided by a nifty navigation tablet. Of course, you could take a leisurely ride—but why would you?

Scenic Drives

Some days, you might prefer to roll serenely along, taking in the scenery and admiring any wildlife you encounter. In this case, look into a scenic drive through Rocky Mountain National Park, like the twenty-three-mile loop of Bear Lake Road. Open year-round, this beautiful drive will take you by Sprague Lake, Glacier Creek, and, of course, the stunning Bear Lake. If you take this drive don't forget to stop at the Moraine Park Discovery Center, a “must do” if you are going through the park!

Mountain Mustang Coaster

Of course, we can't forget our own adventure. Mountain Mustang Coaster combines scenic views with adrenaline-pumping speed as you sail downhill on a coaster that follows the contours of the landscape. We'll be open very soon, and we hope to see you here!

If you're ready for more family fun than you can possibly handle, book your visit to Mountain Mustang Coaster in Estes Park. We'll open our doors Memorial Day weekend.

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