Family vacations are a great way to spend time with your loved ones and experience new adventures. But sometimes, adults need to get away to spend one-on-one time with their partners.

Estes Park is a great family-friendly place with activities for every age, but there are also some fun activities for adults that help you unwind, relax and have the vacation of a lifetime.

Start the day off right with a good ole’ cup of joe.

If you’re a coffee drinker, Kind Coffee is the place to be. The company has a mission deeper than delivering delicious cups of java and focuses on sustainability.

If you aren’t a coffee lover, the cafe also offers smoothies, tea and breakfast options. But who would pass up the chance to enjoy a hot cuppa without the kids running around?

Explore downtown.

After enjoying your morning caffeine kick, head to downtown Estes Park. There are local shops to tour, and the Riverwalk is a great place to take in the breathtaking scenery around Estes Park. Take time to see the fountains, statues and bridges located on the Riverwalk.

Enjoy lunch and dinner like a local.

When it’s time to eat again, there are many options to choose from. Restaurants serve up local game, or you can opt for a more elegant experience in a historic dining room. There are always pizza and burger joints open if you’d rather have a quick, simple meal between your adventures!

Get moving.

Hiking is a big part of the culture in Colorado. With the spectacular scenery around Estes Park, we can’t blame locals and tourists for getting out on the trails regularly.

After you’ve had a nice meal and explored a few shops, check out a hiking trail or two. You’ll be in the middle of nature and experience animals like you never have before.

Don’t forget the adventure!

Coming to Estes Park without experiencing the thrill of a mountain coaster may leave you feeling a little empty after you go home—like you’ve missed something on your latest adventure and just can’t wait to go back.

Mustang Mountain Coaster is the combination of thrill and sightseeing, all in one. It’s a family-friendly adventure, but it’s nice to experience the coaster during an adult-only vacation.

Ready to plan your next adult-only trip to Estes Park? Be sure to get your Mustang Mountain Coaster passes and schedule your new favorite adventure!

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