Are you looking for some family fun in the Colorado mountains? Look no further than Mustang Mountain Coaster!

If you’ve enjoyed a mountain coaster ride before, we can promise this one will offer some of the most spectacular views. If you haven’t ridden a mountain coaster, please let us educate you about what it is and why it’s so thrilling.

What Is a Mountain Coaster?

Also known as a summer toboggan, a mountain coaster resembles a roller coaster, but it takes advantage of the natural slopes and curves of the environment to provide a unique ride. Like a roller coaster, a mountain coaster runs on a fixed track and offers plenty of thrills.

But that’s where the similarity ends. These two-person cars run independently—not as part of a long train—and allow the unparalleled experience of the great outdoors.

You're also in the driver's seat. Unlike a typical roller coaster, a mountain coaster allows the driver some control. Sitting in the back of the open-air, two-person car, the driver uses hand brakes to control speed. This lets you pick between a leisurely, sight-seeing ride or a heart-pounding spree of speed.

Where’s the Bliss?

The short answer is: everywhere. Mountain coasters combine a passel of feel-good pursuits into one glorious package.

Nature Creates Peace.

Plenty of research has shown that being out in nature, even for a little while, reduces stress hormones and boosts the immune system. You can see for yourself how the Mustang Mountain Coaster will lift your spirits. Even while we’re under construction, beautiful views abound.

Get That Adrenaline Pumping.

Meanwhile, speed, as we all know, can produce an adrenaline rush. What does it mean when you feel a flush of energy as you whoosh down a slope in the beautiful Rocky Mountains…and then coast gently to cruising speed, as your heart rate slows and your eyes lift to the blue horizon? We don’t know if anyone’s studied the exact science of the mountain coaster experience, but we’re here to tell you: It’s a rush!

If you’re ready for more family fun in the Colorado mountains than you can handle, book your visit to Mountain Mustang Coaster in Estes Park. We’ll open our doors Memorial Day Weekend, 2021.

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