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Mountain Coasters Coast To Coast | Mustang Mountain Coaster

Howdy, pardners! If you visited our last blog, you remember we answered the all-important question: what is a mountain coaster? (Cheat sheet: It’s like a roller coaster, but it follows the contours of the landscape. Plus, you, the driver, are in charge!)

Here at Mustang Mountain Coaster, we’re busy constructing what portends to be one of the most exciting mountain coasters in the West. While we won’t be open until Memorial Day 2021, we’d love it if you could whet your appetite for adventure on one of the other exciting mountain coasters scattered across the U.S. of A.

Copper Mountain Coaster

Looking for something to do in Copper Mountain, Colorado? Our neighbors have an awesome mountain coaster, the Copper Mountain Coaster. This long track offers a leisurely coast and spectacular views, especially during the winter season.

Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster

Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, this mountain coaster provides a heady rush through the hills. From a snowy winter morning to a leafy green afternoon, the scenery’s perfect.

Jiminy Peak

The first coaster on the East coast, Jiminy Peak in Hancock, Massachusetts features a fun ride that’s part of a larger, mountain-themed adventure park.

Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster

You may be screaming too hard to take in the sights at the Rowdy Bear Mountain Coaster, also located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. This coaster whizzes along at up to 35 miles per hour!

Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster

Looking for adventure in the Berkshires? The Thunderbolt Mountain Coaster offers a leisurely trip up—and a wild ride down! When the ad mentions “G-force,” it’s got to be good.

So, there you have it: some great mountain coasters! We hope you visit as many as you can. And when we open our very own Mustang Mountain Coaster, come by and see how we stack up.

If you’re ready for more family fun than you can possibly handle, book your visit to Mountain Mustang Coaster in Estes Park. Our opening day is Friday, May 21, 2021!

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1 thought on “Mountain Coasters Coast To Coast | Mustang Mountain Coaster”

  1. All my life I dreamed of a mountain coaster being built in Estes! Congratulations! I’m still alive and very excited to see my dream come true. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to visit anytime soon because I currently reside out of the country. Even so, I love hearing about your coaster and cannot wait to see what the rider think when they get on board and race down the track. I wish you many years of success, and I admire your decision to try this rather than more condos! I also salute the fact that you are creating something new and exciting to do in EP! One of my biggest complaints about the town for the past 40-50 years has been the one-by-one demolition of all of the fun things there used to be to do in EP for kids in favor of an ever-growing number of, no offense, but gift shops and restaurants. Sure, we gotta eat and we gotta shop for the latest cool colorado souvenirs — but, also no offense — those two are not that much fun, really for kids. So, I welcome this new attraction and wish you all the best luck in the world. I hope kids of all ages take the ride and but the passes! Congratulations!

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