If you are planning a visit to Estes Park, we can't wait to have you! Estes Park is a fantastic place to vacation to at any time of year. We think you will enjoy these fun facts about Estes Park! Rich in history, abundant in scenery, and filled with plenty of activities for the whole family, you will find so much to enjoy in your time here.

Whether you are just starting to plan your trip or have something booked and are getting excited, we thought sharing these fun facts would be a great way to give you some context on the place we call home!

From the interesting history to its proximity to the Rocky Mountain National Park, there is so much to love about Estes Park.

Facts About the History of Estes Park

  • “Park” is a term for an upland valley in the mountains.
  • The town was named for Joel Estes and his wife Patsy, who traveled from Kentucky to become the first permanent residents.
  • The layout of the town was established within the first decade of its founding and remains mostly intact to this day.
  • The Stanley Hotel, built in 1909, was the first hotel in Estes Park and would later go on to be featured in the hit box office film, The Shining.

Facts About Visiting Estes Park

Facts About Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Rocky Mountain National Park features the highest elevation continually paved road in the country, which spans 48 miles and reaches a peak of 12,183 feet.
  • More than 250 bird species have been known to habitat in the park.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park welcomes 3 million visitors every year, with summer and fall being the peak months to visit.
  • Bighorn sheep are the symbol of Rocky Mountain National park, and around 400 of them reside in the park at any given time.

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