Colorado is known for its beautiful mountains, outdoor activities and endless scenic views. When cooler weather comes, Coloradans don't shy away from spending time outside.

Instead, the crisp air and fluffy snow bring natives and tourists together to enjoy many winter activities in the Centennial State.

  1. Snowboarding and Skiing

Perhaps the most well-known winter activities in Colorado, snowboarding and skiing bring millions of visitors to the state yearly. Ski resorts are plentiful and welcome novice and skilled adventurers to the slopes.

  1. Ice Skating

If you'd prefer to stay off the slopes, the idyllic mountains of Colorado serve as a gorgeous backdrop for an evening of ice-skating fun. There are many ice skating rinks to choose from, depending on what city you're visiting.

Many ice-skating rinks are surrounded by little cafes where you can grab a hot drink to warm up after a few hours on the ice!

  1. Hot Springs

Ready to warm up? Hot springs are the perfect way to beat the cold in Colorado.

With so many to choose from, it is easy to spend the day enjoying the slopes and soaking in a mineral bath in the evening. Also, many hot spring resorts are open year-round for endless amounts of fun!

  1. Sledding

The hills of Colorado offer lots of sledding and tubing-friendly terrain. Many sledding destinations provide lifts and tow ropes to lug sleds and tubes up the hill, so you can keep the fun going for hours.

Enjoy the small bumps in the hills as you laugh your way down with family and friends!

  1. Horse-Drawn Sleigh Rides

Horse-drawn sleighs provide a picturesque adventure that you'll be telling your friends about when you return home from your vacation. The light tap-tapping of horse hooves creates a relaxing experience for everyone.

These rides are the perfect opportunity to enjoy the views while nestled in a snug sleigh.

Colorado offers many opportunities for year-round fun. Whether you're a native or just visiting, there are so many things to experience!

When you're planning your next family trip, Colorado is a great way to spend time together while soaking in the beautiful scenery of the mountains.

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