Spending quality time with your family is a priceless experience that creates lasting memories. If you're looking for the perfect destination for your next family summer outing, Estes Park has a ton of exciting activities to offer!

Creativity Cabin

For families with a creative flair, Estes Park's Creativity Cabin is a must-visit destination. At Creativity Cabin, you and your loved ones can unleash your inner artists and create something truly unique.

With a wide range of pottery options to choose from, you can paint and decorate your own personalized souvenirs. This hands-on experience will provide endless fun and a tangible memento of your time together.

Backbone Cycles

If off-roading adventure is more of your style, Backbone Cycles has just what you need. They offer a variety of UTV rental options, so you can explore Estes Park and its surroundings both on and off-road.

With multiple ATV trails to choose from, you can embark on thrilling expeditions through Estes Park in style.

Open Air Adventure Park

For those seeking outdoor excitement, Estes Park's Open Air Adventure Park is the place to be. Whether you want to try kayaking, test your aim with axe throwing or embark on a 90-minute climbing adventure in their aerial park, Open Air Adventure Park has something for everyone.

Experience the adrenaline rush and create unforgettable moments together.

Mustang Mountain Coaster

If you're seeking an exhilarating adventure and breathtaking views, a visit to Mustang Mountain Coaster is an absolute must! Our alpine coaster offers an unforgettable experience that combines adrenaline-pumping thrills with the natural beauty of the Estes Park landscape.

The coaster provides an exhilarating journey, with twists, turns and exciting drops that will leave you craving more. Whether you're an adrenaline junkie or simply seeking a unique and memorable experience, Mustang Mountain Coaster promises an adventure like no other.

With our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction, you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the excitement. Don't miss the opportunity to create unforgettable memories and experience the thrill of the Mustang Mountain Coaster.

The adventure doesn’t stop here. Check out Mustang Mountain Coaster to book your coaster ride today!

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Is it time to plan your next family vacation? While you’re researching plane tickets, comparing lodging prices and looking into different attractions, there are a few additional things to consider for your getaway to Estes Park.

Take a look at the events calendar. Sure, there are many Colorado-specific activities that you want to experience, but have you considered the smaller, lesser-known events that may be going on while you’re in the area? Take a look at the Estes Park events calendar to find local markets, festivals and classes that may interest your family.

Purchase tickets in advance. Depending on what your itinerary looks like, you may need to purchase your tickets in advance. Some places, including the Rocky Mountain National Park, require timed entry passes. Once you decide what you’d like to do, be sure to purchase tickets as necessary to keep your trip flowing seamlessly.

Bring layers of clothing. Mountain weather can be unpredictable, and dressing in layers can help you be prepared for any type of weather you encounter while on your trip. During the winter season, be sure to bring heavy jackets, hats and gloves to keep yourself warm. If you’re traveling during spring, summer or fall, a light jacket hoodie may be sufficient and necessary.

Be prepared to see wildlife at all times. If you aren’t used to seeing wildlife regularly, you’re in for a treat! Estes Park is encompassed by protected lands that offer abundant habitats to an array of wildlife. It is common to see animals while driving through town. Be ready to snap a picture at any time!

How long you plan to stay. There is so much to see in and around Estes Park! If possible, staying a full seven days is advised. Between the outdoor activities, hiking adventures and local events, your trip to Colorado may need to be your big yearly vacation. If staying a long period of time isn’t possible, a long weekend will do—as long as you begin planning your next getaway to Estes Park soon after.

One thing you absolutely won’t want to miss out on is a trip on the Mustang Mountain Coaster. It’s a thrilling, scenic adventure that the whole family will enjoy!

Visit our website today to view our calendar and pass information for your next trip to Estes Park!

Depending on what your family likes to do on their vacations, you likely have a lot of options for where you want to travel on your next trip. Though we may be biased, no matter what you are into, we believe that Estes Park deserves a prominent spot on your list!

Estes Park offers beauty, history and an activity lineup that is unmatched. From outdoorsy days to evenings spent shopping in the air conditioning, there is truly something for everyone here at Estes Park.

That is why we think it is a great contender as the perfect place for any family vacation.

Why Book a Family Vacation to Estes Park

It's a great place to learn about the history of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Since 1915, the Rocky Mountain National Park has become a staple of the American West—and Estes Park is the gateway to it. Estes Park makes a great jumping-off point for discovering everything this gorgeous area has to offer.

There are plenty of creature comforts. The outdoor activities on Colorado's Front Range are unrivaled, but if not everyone in your family is an outdoorsy type, don't you worry! Estes Park has plenty of creature comforts, including a thriving downtown area with shops, cafes, restaurants and more for the indoor cats in your life.

You will likely see plenty of wildlife. This one is for all the animal lovers in your family. Our area is home to moose, elk, bighorn sheep, goats and more, plus many different types of songbirds you can spot in the trees. Plus, if you come in the spring, you are likely to spot many different wildflowers to admire throughout your trip.

There are plenty of activities to try. If you are an adventurous spirit, you will love the opportunities you can find in Estes Park! From hiking to tram rides to fly fishing to horseback riding to the Front Range's best mountain coaster, there are ample opportunities for the traveler who wants to try something new.

Are you hoping to make the most of your family’s Estes Park vacation? Be sure to visit the Mustang Mountain Coaster! Start your booking with us today to reserve your spot.

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If you are planning a visit to Estes Park, we can't wait to have you! Estes Park is a fantastic place to vacation to at any time of year. We think you will enjoy these fun facts about Estes Park! Rich in history, abundant in scenery, and filled with plenty of activities for the whole family, you will find so much to enjoy in your time here.

Whether you are just starting to plan your trip or have something booked and are getting excited, we thought sharing these fun facts would be a great way to give you some context on the place we call home!

From the interesting history to its proximity to the Rocky Mountain National Park, there is so much to love about Estes Park.

Facts About the History of Estes Park

  • “Park” is a term for an upland valley in the mountains.
  • The town was named for Joel Estes and his wife Patsy, who traveled from Kentucky to become the first permanent residents.
  • The layout of the town was established within the first decade of its founding and remains mostly intact to this day.
  • The Stanley Hotel, built in 1909, was the first hotel in Estes Park and would later go on to be featured in the hit box office film, The Shining.

Facts About Visiting Estes Park

Facts About Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Rocky Mountain National Park features the highest elevation continually paved road in the country, which spans 48 miles and reaches a peak of 12,183 feet.
  • More than 250 bird species have been known to habitat in the park.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park welcomes 3 million visitors every year, with summer and fall being the peak months to visit.
  • Bighorn sheep are the symbol of Rocky Mountain National park, and around 400 of them reside in the park at any given time.

If you are looking for a fun family activity to do while you visit, be sure to check out the Mustang Mountain Coaster! Buy your passes now to see the front range like never before.

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If you are looking for a place where your entire family can have a blast, look no further than Estes Park, Colorado! Between its natural features, fun family attractions, and a plethora of activities, Estes Park is an ideal place for any family to have a wonderful time.

Regardless of what you and your family are into, there is truly something for everyone here! Below, you can check out some of our favorite fun family activities to do in Estes Park, Colorado.

What to Do as a Family in Estes Park

Fish (or Ice Skate) at Trout Haven Fishing Pond. If you are visiting us in the summer, going trout fishing at Trout Haven Fishing Pond is a must-do family activity! The pond is stocked with trout and the team provides all the equipment necessary to make unforgettable family memories. If you come visit us in the winter season, the pond is transformed into a winter wonderland with ice skating, ice fishing and more.

Enroll Your Kiddos in the Rocky Mountain National Park Junior Ranger Program. If you are hoping that your Estes Park visit encourages your kids to explore the natural world around them, do not skip out on the Rocky Mountain National Park Junior Ranger Program. This is a great activity for kids (and honestly, for parents, too) to get acquainted with the beauty the Rockies has to offer.

Visit the Front Range's Best Mountain Coaster. A trip to Mustang Mountain Coaster is an unforgettable experience and a unique way to see the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Kids ages 3 and up can ride the mountain coaster with a parent, and there truly is no better view of the mountain range out there!

Go Hiking Through the Rockies. Hikes are not only for serious athletes here in the Rockies! There are plenty of easy, family-friendly hiking trails that begin in the Estes Park area. Your family will be rewarded with magnificent views and a new appreciation for nature, and you will get some great exercise in, too.

Ready to book your Mountain Coaster experience? We would love to have you! You can buy passes online now.

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For more than 100 years, Estes Park has been a premier destination for visitors looking to have an authentic Colorado experience. Known as “The Gateway to the Rocky Mountain National Park,” if you want to experience the Rockies in all their glory, paying a visit to Estes Park is a must!

Below, we will take  a loo at the rich history of Estes Park that showcase exactly how special of a place it is.

Where the Name Estes Park Comes From

William Byers, editor of the Rocky Mountain News, was the first to dub the area Estes Park in honor of its first Anglican residents, Joel and Patsy Estes. Byers quickly predicted that the area would become a favorite resort town due to its natural beauty and proximity to mountain activities.

Establishing the Town of Estes Park

In the early 1900s, Abner Sprague plotted and surveyed the area, creating the layout that has largely stayed intact to this day. Steam car pioneer F.O. Stanley (for whom the famous Stanley Hotel is named) contributed his expertise to establish the town's infrastructure, and the citizens were almost entirely self-sufficient during the early years of the town.

The Creation of Rocky Mountain National Park

While Estes Park became a town several years before the Rocky Mountain National Park was established, it was integral in ushering in a new era of land preservation. The Rocky Mountain National Park was established in 1915, and when Estes Park was officially incorporated in 1917, it was a natural stopping point for travelers hoping to relish the beauty of Colorado's mountains.

Experiencing the History of Estes Park

When you visit Estes Park today, there are many ways you can experience the rich history of the town and the surrounding wildlife.

Estes Park contains many areas listed in the National Historic Register, including the Stanley Hotel, Moraine Park, McGraw Ranch, Fall River Pump House and Leiffer House. The town is also home to two museums, the Estes Park Museum and the MacGregor Ranch Museum, which are must-sees if you are a history enthusiast!

If you are hoping to experience the Colorado front range like never before, a mountain coaster is the premier way to do it! We're currently selling passes now—get yours today.

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